The TerryWhite Chemmart Baby Diaries - TerryWhite Chemmart

Creating any sense of organisation in your baby’s routine can seem next to impossible when trying to juggle a thousand and one things.

For expecting and current mums alike, The TerryWhite Chemmart Baby Diaries App uncomplicates the way you keep track of bub’s sleeping, feeding, changing and milestone moments.

Our Baby Diaries app means you can easily:

  • Record and time when your baby sleeps

  • Record and time feeds (breast and/or bottle)

  • Record solid feeds (track reactions to new foods)

  • Record all nappy changes (and what was ‘involved’)

  • Safely and securely store bub’s milestone achievements – include the date, time and even a photo!

  • Keep all medical notes in one handy place

  • Track their progress on the graph feature

  • Keep records of more than one child

There’s also a sync feature that allows you to securely share photos and other files with your partner, grandparents and friends.