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About The Common Good

The Common Good is a movement of everyday Australians investing in medical researchers to make the life-changing discoveries critical for a healthy future. The Common Good allows the future of medical research to be put into the hands of those who will benefit most – all of us.

90% of Australians will be faced with chronic disease in our lifetime1. We can support brilliant young researchers who are dedicating their lives to tackle heart disease, lung disease, dementia, arthritis, and gut disease. The only thing that stops them from achieving success quickly is the lack of ongoing funding.

Where our money goes

TerryWhite Chemmart have recently raised $10,000 to sponsor a medical research project “Preventing Sudden Death in Heart Failure Patients” by Weilan Mo.

To date, Mo has recruited 15 patients who have all donated their heart tissue following either open heart surgery or heart transplantation. Her studies are currently looking at the effect of nitric oxide on cardiac (or heart) contractility, and the enzymes that regulate it. She needs to recruit a further 15 patients to complete the studies, and is aiming to do that in the next month. Finally, over the next few weeks she will be working with a visiting Professor from Canberra who brings expertise to the laboratory.

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Our Partners

TerryWhite Chemmart is all about helping Australians achieve better health.

We want to give back to our local communities through our innovative and relevant partnerships with national charities that are aligned with our values and visions to keep Australians alive & well.

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