About The Common Good

The Common Good believes everyone deserves a longer, healthier, and better quality of life.

Our mission is to connect everyday Australians with medical researchers to make the life-changing discoveries critical for a healthy future.

We collaborate with dedicated researchers empowering them to target the chronic diseases that will affect 90% of us including lung disease, heart disease, dementia, arthritis and diseases of the gut.

By working together, we can solve humanity’s biggest health problems and make the world better for everyone. Hour by hour, one medical discovery at a time.

Where our money goes

In December last year, TerryWhite Chemmart raised $10,000 to sponsor a medical research project “Preventing Sudden Death in Heart Failure Patients” by Weilan Mo.

The study formed the final part of her PhD, which has now been submitted and is undergoing examination. Weilan collected samples of human heart tissue from patients undergoing heart transplantation and from patients with coronary artery or aortic valve disease undergoing surgery. Her studies investigated the effect of nitric oxide, and she found that a nitric oxide donor (sodium nitroprusside) in combination with heart enzymes were a stimulant and caused contractility.

Weilan also hosted a Professor (Prof. Nikki Beard) from Canberra and together they investigated oxidation and showed that it caused calcium leak, a dangerous cause of arrhythmias. This work increases our understanding of how the heart functions and the effect of different drugs. She is now pursuing further training overseas and the work is continuing in the laboratory of her supervisor A/Prof Peter Molenaar.

This December, we will be working with Swisse to donate $1 from every Swisse product sold to The Common Good.

Every $44 raised through the campaign will buy another hour of research, bringing us closer to the next medical discovery. The diseases and health challenges set to face 90% of us in our lifetime know no boundaries – and neither do we. By working together, we can solve humanity’s biggest health problems and build a better world for everyone. Hour by hour, one medical discovery at a time.

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Our Partners

TerryWhite Chemmart is all about helping Australians achieve better health.

We want to give back to our local communities through our innovative and relevant partnerships with national charities that are aligned with our values and vision to help Australians achieve their health goals.

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