Return Unwanted Medicines (or The RUM Project) provides a free and safe method for the disposal of unwanted and expired medicines.

The program works by community pharmacies collecting expired and unwanted medicines at no cost to consumers, and pharmaceutical wholesalers provide support by providing delivery and collection of RUM Project containers, to and from pharmacies.

This helps prevent medicines being disposed of inappropriately e.g. flushed down the toilet or sink, or thrown out with household garbage.

“Last year alone, over 700 tonnes of medicines were collected and safely disposed of by the RUM Project, preventing these medicines from ending up in waterways or landfill. A study conducted by RUM last year revealed that less than 20% of those surveyed had even heard of the RUM project, let alone used the service. Imagine   how many more expired and unwanted medicines  are hiding in bathroom cabinets and kitchen drawers across the country.”

RUM Project Manager Toni Riley

TerryWhite Chemmart proudly supports the RUM Project. You can return your unwanted medicines at any of our pharmacies nationally.

For more information on RUM visit or talk to your local TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacist.

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