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Telehealth medication review

In order to minimise the risk of any disease transmission during COVID-19, a medication review consultation can be conducted using a process known as telehealth. This means that the process will be done over the telephone or via a video call. This may be your own device or perhaps one of your friends or relatives can provide one.

The pharmacist will arrange which method is best for you and will provide you with details of how they will contact you at the time arranged. Another family member, or support person, may be present if that is desirable for you.

At the telehealth medication review it would be helpful if you:

  1. Have all of your medicines out, including any over the counter medicines, eye drops, creams, herbal medicines and vitamins
  2. Have a list of your medicines present if you have one
  3. Have a list of questions you would like to ask the pharmacist about your medicines
  4. If you undertake your own blood pressure readings or blood glucose readings these can also be useful to have at hand to discuss with the pharmacist.