Your health is precious and so is your time. Download our TerryWhite Chemmart Health App. Leave your prescriptions safely and securely with us at the pharmacy. Tap to Refill so next time you need your script filled you can skip the scripts queue.


Once you have left your scripts on file at your favourite pharmacy, you can then order multiple prescription repeats from your pharmacy in the tap of a button! Just Tap to Refill and you’ll receive a message when your medication is ready to collect, letting you avoid the queue and saving your time.


The Fill My Scripts feature of the app will send you reminders up to five days before your course runs out, so you’ll have plenty of time to top up and be able to confidently stay on top of your medication needs.


Get peace of mind with the Scripts on File feature. You can safely and securely leave your prescriptions at the pharmacy and then access them conveniently through the app. This then allows you to make use of features like Tap-to-Refill & Fill my Scripts, saving you time and making your life easier.


Keep on top of your medication management with this practical and convenient feature. Take My Meds, enables you to set automatic reminders letting you know which medication to take and when. Making taking your medication stress free.


All the above features can also help you easily manage the medication of anyone in your care! With Carer Mode, just enter the details of their medication regimen and the app will make managing their scripts and schedule a cinch.

Download today FREE via the App Store or Google Play and speak with your TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacist to activate in-store.


Download the TerryWhite Chemmart Health App from Google Play or the Apple Store.


Visit your local TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy and ask for an activation code. This code will link your account to your historic and future prescription records.

Click to find your nearest pharmacy

Enter your activation code in the app, within 10 days of receiving the code from your pharmacist, to create your new account.


General Questions

What are unique features of the TerryWhite Chemmart Health App?

The new TerryWhite Chemmart Health app will have links to our online booking system, allowing easy access to book online for health services without re-entering details.

It will also be integrated with loyalty, giving an easy way to view balances and track redemptions.

Work has commenced on building exclusive health programs which it is intended to provide a better way to manage  health conditions as part of maximising their adherence to prescription and treatment regimes.

What does the app cost?

The Health App is FREE to users.

Can I use the Health App when I'm out of range of internet access?

No. The TerryWhite Chemmart Health App utilises Internet connectivity, so the mobile Apps will only function while you have internet access to your device (via Wifi, your telco’s 3G or 4G service, etc)

Data & Security

Who owns the data held on the app?

Once you have selected your favourite pharmacy, the pharmacy owns your dispensary data.

The customer owns their script, and the script can only go where the customer chooses for it to go. Terrywhite Chemmart does not own any identified data, and only the pharmacists can see your data.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

On the login screen, tap or click “Forgot Your Password”.

You’ll be asked to confirm your email address (your MedAdvisor username) and a new password will be emailed to you.

Login with your new password – you can change the password after logging in to something more memorable if your prefer. (Go to > Settings > Privacy & Security > Change Password)

Who can see my prescription medicine details?

Only you, and the pharmacists at your elected favourite pharmacy, can access your personal medication/prescription records. Your pharmacist will ONLY access your prescription records when they are helping you to setup or use the Health app, or when dispensing new medication to you.

Who owns my personal prescription data in the Health App?

You own your own personal prescription data and account in the Health app.

Your prescription information is stored on secure cloud web servers located in high security Australian data centres.

TerryWhite Chemmart will never access your identifiable data. We do make use of de-identified, aggregate data for analytical purposes, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. This data has your personal information removed so it can never be associated with your identity, and is averaged/aggregated across many users.

Getting & Using The App

How do I download the app?

You can download through the Apple iTunes store of the Google Play store.

How do I log in / Create account?

After downloading the app, either login, or create your account in the app.

Do I have to visit the pharmacy to register for the Health App?

Yes. Only a TerryWhite Chemmart network pharmacy can create an activation code to allow you to setup your health app account. The code links your account to your historic and future prescription records – the pharmacy confirms the identity of your new account.

What happens if I don't activate my account straight away?

You can use your activation code anytime within 10 days to setup your account. To ensure security, your code will expire and be unusable after 10 days. If this happens, just see your pharmacist for a new activation code.

What happens if I lose my activation code?

Please see your pharmacist for a new activation code.

What if I don't have an email address?

You will need an email address to activate your TerryWhite Chemmart account. This is essential as TerryWhite Chemmart needs a unique contact for you to send critical messages, for example if you change your password. Your email address is also used as your unique username in the TerryWhite Chemmart system.

What if I fill a script at a non-TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy?

Your account will not automatically update, so your Days Supply Left and Repeats Left numbers for that medication will be inaccurate.

You can manually update your Days Supply figure to account for your new doses/packet by tapping the Days Supply figure on the Medicine Details screen.

Your Repeats Left figure, and any missing medicines, will update correctly when you next fill the script at a TerryWhite Chemmart network pharmacy.

I have a spare prescription at home - can I add it to the Health app?

You’ll need to take your additional prescription to your pharmacy. They can record the prescription as a ‘deferred script’ for later use. This will increase the Repeats Left number for that medication to include your additional script.

When and how are prescription medicines added to my home screen?

Whenever you fill a script at a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy, your account is updated with the details of that medication and script.

Within 30 minutes your account will be updated on your mobile device or browser.

If the script is for a new medication, it will be added to your home screen, and a message will be sent to you.

If the script is for an existing medication, the entry will be updated with your remaining Repeats Left, increased Days Supply Left, and possible updates to directions, brand name of medication and other changes.

Can the Health app help me track my non-prescription meds, like supplements and vitamins?

Yes, but you must add ‘over the counter’ (OTC) products manually to your home screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the home screen, and choose Add Non-Prescription Med or Vitamin.

Enter a name, and the number of Days Supply you have for that product. You’ll be reminded to purchase more when you run out of that product.

In your Home screen, under Add Non-Prescription Med or Vitamin, you can add these details.

They will then appear in your Home screen.

*Note you won’t be able to access images or information about OTCs, and you won’t receive See-My-Doctor reminders as prescriptions are not required.

How do I change reminder times on 'Take My Meds'?

Choose ‘Take My Meds’ from the main menu, then tap on one of the standard reminder spots, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Bed Time to edit the time-of-day for that.

This will take you into the Edit Alert screen where you can amend the Time (tap the time to change). Press Save on the top right hand side and the reminder time will be update.

How do I add another 'Take My Meds' reminder time?

Choose ‘Take My Meds’ from the main menu, then tap on the ‘+’ button in the top-right corner of the screen.

This will take you into a ‘New Alert’ screen, where you can add your extra reminder time. Enter a name for the new Take-My-Med reminder, choose the time, and use the Days option to elect either daily or weekly reminders.

If I use a dose administration aid, can I still need to use the Health App?

The Health App can be used in addition to your dose administration aid.

The Health App’s advanced features will assist you in understanding and managing your prescriptions. The Health App provides reminders and other features not covered by your dose administration aid.

Do I need to leave all my scripts with my pharmacy?

It is recommended you leave all your scripts with your favourite pharmacy for safe keeping and rapid dispensing.

By leaving your ‘Scripts on File’ at your favourite pharmacy, your pharmacy will be able to prepare your medication in advance of your visit, when you order using the ‘Tap to Refill’ feature in the Health App.

That way you can avoid the wait at the pharmacy!

I don't want to leave my scripts at the pharmacy. Can I still use the Health App?


The majority of the Health App’s features will still be available.

Tap-To-Refill will not be available however, as your pharmacist needs your paper scripts in-hand to prepare your medication.

Can I use my existing MedAdvisor details?

Yes, if you are already signed up to MedAdvisor you can use your existing username and password in the new TerryWhite Chemmart Health App.