Know Your Pain

Did you know there is good evidence that just learning about your pain can actually help you to manage your pain?

Our practical education series will help you to think differently about your pain and support you to take steps towards living well again.

Chronic Pain and Pain Medications

Learn about chronic pain symptoms,
causes, early diagnosis and
discover medication treatment options.

Pain and Physical Activity

Discover helpful tips for pacing
and recommended exercises
to help manage your chronic pain.

Pain and Nutrition

Learn about the impact of nutrition
on chronic pain and recommended
foods and supplements to reduce pain.

Pain and Thoughts

Discover how chronic pain affects
your cognitive abilities, memories
and emotions and learn healthy thinking
techniques to cope with pain.

Pain and Sleep

Learn how chronic pain affects
your sleeping habits, the importance of
getting a good night’s sleep
and tips for improving your sleep hygiene.

Pain and Relationships

Explore the impacts chronic pain can have on relationships, tips to share your pain experience and who to turn to for further support.