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Tips for protecting your hearing

Hearing loss can occur at any age and can make life difficult when it comes to socialising, performing work and so much more. Most people don’t think about their ears until they are older…

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Back to School Tips for Children with Food Allergies

The start of a new school year for some parents goes beyond getting new supplies, stationary, backpacks and getting into routine. For parents with children with allergies, going back to school…

10 Tips for Travelling with Joint Pain and Arthritis

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or your dream holiday on a cruise, there’s plenty of excitement and planning for the trip. However, if you suffer from joint pain and arthritis…

How to Stop Travel Sickness from Ruining Your Holiday

You’ve planned your itinerary down to the very last minute and can’t wait to get away to your dream destination. You’ve packed for your trip and finished all pending business and feel positive…

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