Give your beauty routine a winter overhaul

Many of us have a different wardrobe for each season, so why not change out our beauty products at the same time? Use these cooler months as the inspiration you need to hit reset on your beauty routine, and hit winter with a fresh glow.

Clean up

There’s something therapeutic about cleaning and decluttering – and the same goes for starting your daily beauty routine with a tidy makeup bag and clean tools. Clean your makeup bag by wiping out the inside, discarding any products that can’t be used or are out of date. You’d be surprised how many of us hang on to mascara and liquid eyeliner longer than their average three-month lifespan*! Washing your brushes regularly also helps product apply smoother to skin, and keeps your tools sanitary1.

Bright eyes

Harsh winds and sleet during winter can cause our eyes to tear up, resulting in running, smudged mascara and eyeshadow. To avoid the panda look, try priming your eyelids with face powder to seal excess oil, and use waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Happy, hydrated skin

Winter can be damaging to our skin, depleting it of natural oils and moisture. Re-energise your skin with hydrating products such as intensive moisturiser, facial oil, hydrating serum, face masks, and night creme. Choose a daily moisturiser with anti-inflammatory and moisturising ingredients to combat skin irritation and flaking. Makeup is easier to apply to well moisturised skin, so remember to give it some love!

Slip, slop, slap!

Your summer tan might be fading, but don’t underestimate the cool conditions. Skin-damaging UV rays are present year-round, and your skin can burn even in winter! Be sure to apply SPF 30+ or higher sunscreen to your body and beneath your makeup, as well as covering up and wearing a hat when outside. There are also a range of BB creams, lip balms and lipsticks containing SPF protection available for extra protection. More on skin care here.

Warmer colours

Now could be the time to embrace new colour palettes in line with the chilly season. Try warmer and richer hues for nail polish and lipsticks, in shades of burgundy, plum, deep red, dark cherry, nude, caramel and mahogany. Of course, you can wear these colours all year-round, but spicing up your seasonal beauty palette could be the perfect tool to beat the winter blues.

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