How Click & Collect works;

1. Download our free Health App from the app store and set up your account
2. Use the Snap-n-Send feature to send a picture of your script to your local pharmacy
3. Shop hundreds of our most popular health essential items
4. You can pay securely in advance via credit card. Collect in store or have your order delivered*.


What is Click & Collect and how does it work?

Click & Collect is a free service available via TerryWhite Chemmart Health App. Click & Collect allows you to order your prescriptions, a range of essential pharmacy products and National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) items for purchase and either choose to pick up in store or have delivered. Option to add additional products and delivery is available in most TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies. The best thing about Click & Collect is that you pay for your purchases in the app, so if you have chosen to collect in store, you can just pick up and go. You’ll always have the opportunity to speak with a pharmacist too, just let us know.

Do you have the TerryWhite Chemmart App?

No – I don’t have the TerryWhite Chemmart Health App

Click & Collect is only available for customers that download our App – find out how here

Yes I have the TerryWhite Chemmart Health App

Step 1: Order your items

For prescription items that are already loaded into the App – simply click the ‘order’ button.

For prescription items not already loaded into the App – use the ‘snap-n-send’ function to take a photo of your prescription and send it to your pharmacist. We’ll organise with you the best way to get a hard copy of your prescription.

For non-prescription or NDSS items, some pharmacies may offer these products as part of their Click & Collect Service. Click the ‘Add’ button on the App and select your products.

Step 2: Head to the checkout

Once you’ve selected all products for your order select ‘Checkout’ and then ‘Next’. You will be able to review your order on this screen.

Step 3: Payment

There are a number of payment options for Click & Collect. Most TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacies accept credit card payment via the App. If your pharmacy doesn’t accept credit card payment in the App (or if you want to pay in-store) choose ‘Pay at the Pharmacy’.

Step 4: Confirmation

You’ll receive a confirmation in the TerryWhite Chemmart App when your items are ready for collection.

What products can be ordered with Click & Collect?

Items that can be ordered with Click & Collect include:

  • Prescriptions that you have left on file at the pharmacy and linked to the TerryWhite Chemmart App
  • Prescriptions that you add through the snap-n-send function on the TerryWhite Chemmart App
  • A range of non-prescription essential pharmacy products (available in selected pharmacies)
  • A range of NDSS items (available in selected pharmacies).

How do I pay for my items using the Click & Collect service?

Most TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies offer payment by credit card in the TerryWhite Chemmart App. If your chosen pharmacy does not receive credit card payment on the App, you can pay in-store when you pick up your items.

If you’d like to use Afterpay, please click ‘Pay at the Pharmacy’ and you can pay in store using Afterpay as per the Afterpay payment process.

What if I need to speak with the pharmacist about my medicine?

Your TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacist is available to speak to you about your health or your medication. When you order items from the App, the pharmacist will contact you via a message in the App or via phone if they need to discuss something with you prior to dispensing your medicine. When you visit the pharmacy, you’ll always have the opportunity to speak with your TerryWhite Chemmartpharmacist on duty.

How long will my order take?

We’ll let you know via the App when your medicines are ready for collection. We aim for 4-hour processing subject to change due to increased demand during from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will always accommodate requests where there is an urgent patient need – please contact your local TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy if you need your medicines urgently.

Will I be notified when my order is ready for collection?

Yes. You will receive a notification in the TerryWhite Chemmart App when your order is ready for pick up.

What if some of my items are out-of-stock?

You will be notified if some of your items are out-of-stock before we process the order payment. We may also be able to offer you a suitable alternative (that we’ll discuss with you first).

Where can I collect my order?

Your order will be waiting for you in the prescriptions area when you come into store. Alternatively, let a staff member know you are there to pick up a Click & Collect order.

What do I need to bring with me when I collect my order?

Please bring photo ID and the credit card that was used to pay for your items (if applicable). If you used the snap-n-send function to order your script, please bring the original script for the pharmacist’s records.

Can someone else pick up my order?

If someone else is going to pick up your order, please write this in the notes section with their full name and address. Your nominated person will need to bring Photo ID with them in order to verify their identity.

Can I have my Click and Collect order delivered?

Most TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies offer a delivery service. If your preferred pharmacy offers delivery via the App you can select this option during checkout. If delivery option is not available you can contact your pharmacy directly to see if you can organise delivery of your products once you’ve completed your transaction. Click here for more information on delivery.

Phone – Contact your nearest store by phone

Fax – You can fax your nearest store your order request – please include your contact details so they can confirm with you

Email – You can also email your favourite store.

*Delivery orders require payment in advance. Available at participating stores.