TerryWhite Chemmart 大药房的中文网站,如今已关闭了。您可以到我们的英文网站浏览:http://www.terrywhitechemmart.com.au

但是英文网站不能直邮中国。如果您还想直邮中国的话,请联系我们中文微信客服 (客服微信号: terrywhiteonline1)。我们还是可以提供微信下单服务,帮您从我们的实体药房直邮中国。谢谢。

Dear customers, we are sorry that our Chinese site has now closed permanently. However, feel free to click on the link below to access our English site: http://www.terrywhitechemmart.com.au.

Our English site won’t allow any direct shipping to China. However, you still can contact our Chinese wechat customer service : terrywhiteonline1 to place any direct shipping orders to China manually.

Sorry about the inconvenience caused and thank you for visiting our site.

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