Blood Pressure Testing


Blood Pressure Testing

It is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, yet a third of those suffering from high blood pressure aren’t controlling or managing it properly. High blood pressure generally doesn’t show any symptoms, which is precisely why we strongly recommend having yours tested – how frequently will depend on your personal circumstances.

Your local TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacist can measure your blood pressure free of charge, talk through your results and provide advice on simple lifestyle changes that may assist in improving your overall health.

For a test that takes such a small amount of time, it could make a huge impact on your life.



What do the numbers actually mean?

Doctors generally agree that blood pressure readings at or above 140/90 (one-forty over ninety) as high, which may differ depending on your circumstances. But what do these numbers mean? Put simply, the higher number is the pressure in the arteries as the heart beats (systolic pressure), while the lower number is between beats (diastolic pressure).

Partnership with the Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation is a charity dedicated to fighting the single biggest killer of Australians: heart disease. For over 50 years, they’ve led the battle to save lives and improve the heart health of all Australians. Their vision is a world where people don’t suffer or die prematurely because of heart disease. With like-minded visions and values, TerryWhite Chemmart has developed a partnership with the Heart Foundation to help keep all Australians Alive & Well.

September marked the official launch of the partnership leading into World Heart Day. The aim was to raise awareness of heart health and most significantly the importance of the blood pressure checks.

We are still processing figures, but initial calculations saw a 45% increase in the uptake of blood pressure checks compared to the previous month. Donations are still being counted, however we anticipate that as a group we will raise close to $80,000. This is a massive contribution to fighting the single biggest killer of Australians – heart disease – and a step closer to keeping Australians Alive & Well.